Our company

Founded in 2006, Jolie Siam has rapidly become the foremost company in welcoming services and HR outsourcing in Vietnam.

We provide a wide range of flexible HR outsourcing solutions, including:

  • Recruitment – Receptionists, Administrative staff, Event Hostesses, Brand Ambassadors
  • Training
  • Management and supervision (payroll, back-up staff, audits)
  • Assistance with staff retention and other HR consultancy services.


  • Experience and Expertise: we benefits from more than 20 years’ experience, combining  Western methodology with a deep understanding of Vietnamese culture.
  • More flexibility & less risk: we aim to reduce your overheads by helping you achieve a continuity of service with our staff retention techniques, while giving you flexibility in your workforce.
  • Straightforward and practical HR solutions: we offer a wide range of HR services, with ensured quality, because of our many years experience in the industry, and bespoke training programs for our staff.


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