Grooming Audit 

Campaign 2020

Maintain your best image by following the standard guideline below to keep the




To maintain your quality image at the site, it is important that we project an elegant, professional, and well-groomed appearance at all times maintaining the highest standards of WELCOMING SERVICES.

Hair must be clean, well-groomed, styled away from the face.

Hair colors must be of natural hues and appear professional.

Hair roots must be maintained and covered.

A Chignon or tight buns are preferred.

Ombre, two tones, or thick highlights will not be allowed.

Pigtails, messy buns are not allowed, nor are dreadlocks of any kind in hair.


Nails must be clean, trimmed, and well-manicured.
Nails must be moderate in length (no longer than 1⁄4 inches), and neatly shaped at all times.

Nail Shapes permitted – square, square oval or squoval, rounded, and oval. No other shapes are acceptable).
Nail polish colors are not allowed.
Decals, nail designs, or ornaments are not permitted.


Receptionist Grooming Standard of Jolie Siam

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