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Yen Dau

Smile Creator

It's not so important where you go, but the people and what you learned. Being here at Jolie Siam, i found that i can learn and develop myself, being happy and know how to be happy.

Thao Nguyen

HRBP Manager

Jolie Siam is a place full of happiness and excitement. With cordial and honest people leading the group, it makes the working environment extremely relaxing and efficient. 

An Nguyen

Smile Creator

Jolie Siam is a great place to work for. Lots of opportunities to grow, learn and contribute!
I am proud to be a part of Jolie Siam!

Thach Bui


Jolie Siam not only gives me many quality job opportunities,but also helps me to learn more and develop my inherent skills. Dynamic working environment, fun and always help me if I have difficulties at work !!

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