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A Brand New Image – Onboarding with Jolie Siam

On the 31st of August 2020 Jolie Siam celebrated our official ‘on-boarding’ day of our brand new Customer Service team at Saigon Centre.

To commemorate their successful induction into Saigon Centre we presented the young and motivated ‘full service’ customer service officers with their custom tailored uniforms as well as an emphatic training session about the first 10 seconds – golden impression.

Jolie Siam invites you to a ‘behind the scenes look’ at this special day!

A. First Look


We asked the team to gather for our meeting in their previous uniforms and to resemble their usual appearance on their job, including their hairstyle and cosmetics application that conform with the Jolie Siam standard.

First 10 Seconds – Golden Impression.


Our Training and Development Manager, Ms. Hong Pham gave them detailed instructions on how to present themselves in a perfectly suitable way for their position by introducing them to the first 10 seconds – golden impression.

A New Uniform for a new Image.


The team were given their very own custom tailored uniform and shoes to match their new position and present a perfect image at Saigon Centre.

Ready for the Job.


After the fitting of the uniforms we conducted a photo-session with the team at the sky-garden of Saigon Centre and we could truly observe a transformation!

These are the new brightly shining customer service officers you will encounter when you visit Saigon Centre Tower 1 and 2, trained and inducted by Jolie Siam.

If you would like to share a similar journey as these candidates or you are interested in learning more about our golden standard, contact us at: Jolie Siam!