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Reception Services for Phu My Hung Premium Condominium since 2013 from Jolie Siam

Having come from France to Vietnam since 2006, Jolie Siam has rapidly become the foremost company in providing reception services and reliable HR solutions in Vietnam for quality of life in enterprises and condominiums.

Currently, we are providing reception services at Riverside Residence, Happy Valley, Green Valley, Scenic Valley to assist residents in proving information, receiving, transferring then informing the solving process to residents for daily requests.

Condominiums served by Jolie Siam since 2013 until now

More than just a home, those condominiums offer a world-class lifestyle to residents starting from service delivery team to physical utilities. Having understood that mission, as a provider for reception service, we have been doing our best to bring better experience in welcoming & caring services to residents. Therefore, we have applied the below process so as to ensure our service quality at reception area.

To become our qualified receptionist, a candidate has to pass 03 rounds of assessments, take part in our on-line training courses and study tour around premium residential.

The real estate market in general, the luxury apartment segment in particular, is still in the process of rapid development, not yet a mature market. Therefore, service providers like Jolie Siam are also in the process of gradually perfecting the 5-star smile services to bring the best experience. We believe that sustainable development comes from the ability to listen and continuously improve, so Jolie Siam is truly eager to receive contributions from customers.