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Touring the “Receptionist World”

There are seemingly new jobs in Vietnam, but not in the rest of the world. Reception, an undersold area of Human Resources is one of them.

Reception “standard” diversity

The difference in culture has created different reception “standards” among different countries. In France, one of the “kingdoms of light” in Europe, dynamism, professionalism and energy are typical of their receptionists. They are trained in a “cold” environment, always requiring fast, strong and uniform reactions. To this nation, the reception career has actually been established. The role of the reception does not just limit to an ambiguous interpretation, it has expanded to many different functions: sometimes as an event receptionist, sometimes as a professional model on the stage. Diversity and elegant style are typical to France and some other Western countries. However, as you can see below, in France the “standard” is that the hands of the receptionists and brand ambassadors, pictured below, are behind their back, which may create some distance between the receptionists and guests. But it is important for them to remain warm and approachable through other means.

Meanwhile, Japan – a country associated with the development of science and technology, choose “stereotype rule” to build their receptionists’ image. The scientific achievements have helped them successfully created many “robot receptionists” sitting in offices all over Japan. The “robot receptionists” provide them energetic and standardized receptionists. However, this leaves many shortcomings in handling situations and feelings if something out of the ordinary happens, as the robots only have a limited number of responses to situations, and gives none of the flexibility that a trained HR professional would have.

In contrast with Japan, Vietnam strives to build a more rounded reception team; professional as in France, efficient like Japan but retaining the unique charm and friendly nature that is a unique characteristic of Vietnamese people. A good smile, walk and hair style are essential, with much value placed on appearance. With thousands of years of culture, values ​​become the fulcrum for the Vietnamese receptionists to build their images. Elegant costumes, especially for the event receptionists, ao dai and khan dong are the most common uniforms. Take a closer look at the girls, charming, friendly, but very professional are the results of the selective learning process from nations of the world.