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Jolie Siam Covid-19 Beginner’s Guide

~To fight the renewed Covid-19 outbreak information is key. Jolie Siam is here to support!~

Feel well prepared for the Covid-19 threat? Find out if you have all necessary information to protect yourself from the next wave below.

For over three weeks the Vietnamese government has successfully managed to curb the threat of the Covid-19 epidemic with no new community transmissions.

However, since the first confirmed diagnosis of a Covid-19 case on Saturday the 25th, a harsh reality has returned to Vietnam.

Within a week, the number of new infections had increased to well over a hundred – and now the entire country is in turmoil, as fears of large scale lock-downs loom over Vietnam once again.


Service Sector at threat.

Companies operating in the service sector are particularly threatened by the outbreak, since they require extensive human interaction.

We at Jolie Siam have a strong bond with our receptionists and therefore we are highly concerned with their well-being and safety.

Thus we have taken immediate preemptive measures to minimize the threat imposed on them.

Find our first two out of recommendations to protect yourselves from Covid-19 below and stay tuned for our part two!


1. Educate yourself!

Being well-informed is the primary step to protecting yourself and others from becoming infected with Covid-19.

Knowing how to wear a mask correctly, practicing extended personal hygiene and social distancing can all prevent transmission.

Visit JolieSiam.com for information on our Covid-19 response,

View the Jolie Siam 7-step-guide to preventing the spread of Covid-19 below!


2. Protect your smile!

Jolie Siam is the world of smiles. We know how to preserve them.

Smiling is important, especially during these challenging times, where negativity can have a strong impact on our daily lives.

You might be thinking that wearing a mask hides your smile – but you’d be wrong. Even when wearing a mask people can still see you smile through your eyes!

That is why everyone should be wearing their masks when interacting with others during the pandemic.

Anytime you speak to someone you should be cautious and cover both mouth and nose – not either or.


Also, be careful when touching your mask or disposing it. Bacteria can easily accumulate in close spaces.

If you want to find out more about why smiling is so important to us at Jolie Siam, visit our article about ‘service with a smile‘ on Jolie Siam!


These are some of the steps that we hope you will follow through with in the near future, to ensure the safety of yourselves and the ones you care about.

We hope that this message has been informative and helpful. Don’t forget the protect your smiles!

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 For now, if you want to find out more on how to protect yourselves and what we have done to help our receptionists in dealing with the pandemic, contact us at JolieSiam.com.